Buy Here, Pay Here: a winning formula

Freedom Credit, the auto loan specialists

The buy here, pay here model is finding a valued role in the car-buying marketplace. With economic uncertainty swirling around, credit becomes hard to secure for many Albertans. Temporary financial setbacks shouldn’t keep you off the road, and they shouldn’t leave you vulnerable. That’s where operations like Freedom Credit come in. We are structured on the buy here, pay here model, helping our clients with warranted vehicles, and cost-effective financing options.

Whether you’ve been denied elsewhere, or you are just starting your search, we can advise you on how to proceed. The consultation would be at no cost to you, and you will come away from it with a clearer sense of where you stand. Once we know a bit about your needs and situation, we will get to work sourcing a solution for you. It’s easy and quick; you could be on the road within 48 hours.

Why wait? Let’s talk. It’s a winning formula.

Mar 2nd, 2015