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Simple Checklist for Used Car Buying in Edmonton

Simple Checklist for Used Car Buying in Edmonton

Thanks to the fact that the average car, truck, or SUV loses almost twenty percent of value in the first year, and about fifteen percent every year after that, smart buyers often score excellent bargains on quality, pre-owned vehicles. Purchasing any used car has its pitfalls, however, and even the sharpest buyers get overwhelmed with the process at times. Buying a used vehicle requires a thorough and systematic approach and shoppers should go over the potential purchase with a fine tooth comb. Here's a checklist that should help.





  • Seats are crack-free and in good condition.
  • The doors and trunk open and close freely.
  • No dashboard warning lights.
  • All gauges operate.
  • The heat and AC work.
  • All aspects of the infotainment system function.
  • Windshield wipers work.
  • Windshield wiper fluid dispenses appropriately.
  • All seats adjust properly and have functional seat belts.
  • Power windows open and close.
  • Sunroof opens and closes.
  • The car alarm works.
  • Doors and trunk lock and unlock with key fob and key.




  • The windshield is free of cracks.
  • All body panel colours match.
  • Rust concealed by fresh paint.
  • The trunk and hood close tight and are correctly aligned.
  • Doors close tight and are precisely aligned.
  • Scratches, nicks, and dents on the body.
  • Windshields wipers and windshield fluids.
  • Headlights, taillights, backup lights, and directional lights function.
  • Chassis is not bent or cracked.




  • All four tires match and have similar amounts of wear.
  • Tires have no bubbles, cut, or cracks.
  • Uneven tread wear - tires worn on the inner or outer edges indicate alignment and suspension problems.
  • There's a properly inflated spare tire, jack, and lug wrench.




  • The Battery terminals are corrosion-free.
  • No fluid leaks on the engine or the ground below.
  • The oil is amber in colour.
  • Oil filler neck has no black deposits
  • No burning oil smell with the engine running and hot.
  • The exhaust emissions are not black or blue which indicates excessive oil consumption or oil burning.




  • Transmission fluid looks clean and has no foul odor.
  • Slippage when driving
  • Shifts smoothly
  • No grinding noises.




  • No squealing or grinding noises when applied.
  • The brake pedal feels firm and does not go all the way down.
  • The vehicle does not pull to one side when applying brakes.
  • Parking brake engages and disengages freely
  • Wheels do not lock when the brakes are applied.




  • The vehicle does not drift.
  • There is no shaking or vibrating feedback.
  • The vehicle turns easily.
  • No clicking or clunking when turning




  • Be sure the vehicle sits level.
  • Put a knee on each corner, push down, then release. The corner should resist, not bounce, and forcefully return to its original height.
  • All corners should respond equally.




  • The correct manual is located in the glove compartment.
  • Instruction manuals for accessories are in the glove compartment.
  • The owner can provide service and repair records.
  • The owner has the title
  • The seller can provide proof of identity.
  • The VIN on the door and windshield matches the title.







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