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What is your budget hiding from you?

Making a budget for yourself is important for anyone. Sticking to your budget is even more important.

Industry Canada has produced a great budget calculator to help you get on track. What makes it more interesting than most is that it shows you how little things add up. That $2.25 coffee you always get doesn't seem like a major expense until you realize that one every day amounts to $821.25 a year. Sure, you need your coffee, but what could that $820 have done for you otherwise?

And what about your rent? Consider that the difference between $1,200 and $900 a month equals $3,600 a year? What kind of a dent would that make in your consumer debt (credit cards)? There seems to be no shortage of ways to economize and move money around to your advantage.

Try this: open the calculator and start plugging in your own numbers. You'll be surprised by what it reveals and suggests to you.

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